Betty Kyallo leaves KTN

Good morning ladies and gents. By now you have already caught wind of the story about why and how Mombasa County Governor dumped Betty Kyallo who is about to make her debut on K24.

You see, Mpasho was the first to report about the fact that she was driving a car that was owned by Hassan Joho, a Porsche Cayenne:

MPASHO EXCLUSIVE: Who Owns Betty Kyallo’s Car? Dennis Okari Atalia Kwa Choo When He Finds Out!

A fact that she neither denied nor admitted. Actually, I was impressed by her reaction. She just laughed when I asked after the car. The folks over on Mombasa Road deserve high praise for this piece they have given us about the relationship that briefly blossomed between Betty Kyallo and Sultan himself before things went so far south Betty Kyallo found herself homeless and dependent on her immediate ex, Sultan to bail her out.

Anyway, I reached out to betty Kyallo for a comment on the story. Was it true? Was she going to seek legal redress? Did she find the story to be petty and malicious given the timing? Because the story was written by Cheptoek Boyo, the Princess of Petty, who formerly worked for betty Kyallo’s new employer.

She patiently listened to everything and then said… You know what, listen to the bloody audio yourself and hear what Betty’s response was.