Betty Kyallo celebrated her 30th birthday on Friday. While at it, she opened up about the wedding of her ex-husband and NTV news anchor Dennis Okari.

Speaking to Jalang’o on K24’s Weekend with Betty, the screen siren said that she is happy that her ex lover has now moved on and that she knew that the moving on would eventually happen.

I saw Okari moved on. I’m happy for him. 

No no no. It was bound to happen at some point.

Did he move on so quickly?

No no no. Everybody with their own time. I wish him all the best in this world. I swear to you because me I’m killing, me I’m happy.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Betty cleared the air saying that she doesn’t know Naomi and that fans were confusing her with her former bride’s maid Rozy Ohon.

No no no. I don’t know her kabisa.

Nooo. These are two different people…The lady who was my best maid back in the day was Rozy Ohon the gospel artiste.

While Dennis was walking down the aisle for the second time with another woman, Betty says that her new man was pampering her with food and love.

Nilikua napikiwa mapochopocho. Nikaambiwa baby have a good show nikakujiwa baadae.

Betty Kyallo

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