Have you been waiting to see Betty Kyallo get married again? You might have to wait longer as she feels she is not made to be a wife material.

According to the mother one, she would rather ‘pambana na hali yake’

Speaking during an interview with Mwende Macharia, Betty posed

‘Mi nakaa kuwa wife material? Hiyo maneno ilinishinda kabisa acha ningangane kiviangu.

I can’t be a house wife and just sit there, I also have things I want to achieve.

Asked on whether she meant being wife material for Eric Omondi’s show or for marriage, she responded


‘Sijui kutwerk’ Betty Kyallo on why she missed featuring on ‘Wife Material 2’

She was quick to add that right now her focus is on hustling as she does not have all the time in the world.

I have achieved a lot and some of my friends feel naharakisha maisha but that is not the case. Now is when I have the energy to wake up early and sleep late.

So I am going for it.’

On whether she feels bad for trending she says

‘Sometimes I trend without even realizing it but I have come to get used to the idea.

Trending is not such a bad thing as it means people still think about you. There are people who left TV before I did and walisahaulika.

I left TV too but people still remember me, I chose to be on TV and I knew what the repercussions were, so nilizoea.’