Stairway to Betty Kyallo house. /COURTESY/K24
TV anchor Betty Kyallo opened her home to the public for the first time on Friday and she didn’t disappoint.
Betty Kyallo sister invites Jalang’o to her house
The mum of one is living her best life in a leafy suburb in Nairobi.
Stairway to Betty Kyallo house. /COURTESY/K24
Comedian Jalang’o interviewed her for her show Weekend with Betty and it was a special edition of the show because it was her 30th birthday.
Betty Kyallo in her kitchen. / COURTESY/K24
Without much ado,  here are alm the details about her swanky apartment.
  1. Yellow walls: Her Kamba roots showed as her living room and corridor walls were yellow.  There is also floral print wallpaper.
  2. Open plan kitchen: this is the new way of building homes whereby there is no partition/door separating the kitchen,  dining and living room so Betty can cook as she talks to guests comfortably
  3. Well manicured paths: the common areas of Betty’s estate are filled with plants and are well carved
  4. Lifts: While some struggle to climb stairs to their flat on fourth floor,  Betty’s house has lifts
  5. Wide mirror: mirror mirror on the wall,  who’s the fairest of them all? Every lady  needs a big vanity mirror and Betty has one right at her apartment entrance.

Here are more photos of her home

Jalang’o at Betty Kyallo house. /COURTESY/K24