Wilkins Fadhili

K24 presenter Betty Kyallo has revealed that she has forgiven Wilkins Fadhili. Wilkins was recently exposed by Kenyans for conning them. BBC presenter Larry Madowo also accused him of being a fraudster.

Wilkins Fadhili
Wilkins Fadhili

Several other celebrities who took pics with Fadhili were also called out on Twitter forcing them to explain their relationship with the alleged con.

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Wilkins Fadhili was masquerading around as Betty Kyallo’s manager and after he was exposed, she says he sent an apology to her. His apology to Betty read;

Hello Betty I would like to say I’m really sorry for using your name.

I totally understand that its absolutely wrong, I was very stupid, inconsiderate and very ignorant,

I’m really sorry and hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I’m making amends and working on being a better person in society and to be a blessing to each and every person.
I’m sorry.

Wilkins Fadhili's apology
Wilkins Fadhili’s apology

The sassy TV presenter accepted his apology and she shared the letter online and said;

Forgiven Wilkins. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. We can only aspire to be better and then do better. I wish you well. God bless.

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