Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo recently was out and about running her errands in town -perhaps restocking her salon, Posh Palace.

She just so happened to be out at around the same time Gor mahia fans were out and anyone who knows a thing about Kenyan football knows that Gor Mahia fans have alot of hooligans within their ranks.

That is why we often approach Derby day (when Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards play each other) with caution. We have… Forget we, I have had to resort to saving my life by running away whenever Gor Mahia fans decide to “celebrate” or “dispute” or damn well sneeze.

Gor Mahia fans are synonymous with running battles but not everyone would agree with that fact: Gor Mahia fans wouldnae be too please to hear this truth. But I digress.

Betty Kyallo recently encountered them and she approached with trepidation but their conduct though boisterous was far from threatening. They simply… Well, what they simply did is all captured on video so you can watch it and see for yourself: