Betty Kyallo

Kenyans have come to the rescue of Betty Kyallo just days after a video of her ranting went viral over the weekend to the shock of many.

Many have argued that she is an adult and she is allowed to let off some steam every once in a while.

‘I take care of my child and I’m her role model!’ Betty Kyallo tells off critics in explosive video

Check out their comments below.

@LoloAles: Why troll Betty? What is your contribution to her life? I have been watching her, and I can attest that she has earned her own success and status.
Everyone has issues, and trolling Betty is a sign that you have issues yourself. Mental and or otherwise. Let Betty be.
@stanohmwas: Only a person who has ever gone through a rock bottom would understand and sympathize with what #Bettykyalo is going through…acha tu it’s tough.
I believe it’s worse when you’re a public figure and a lady because u can respond more to external vibes..let’s give her a break.
@kihikahhenry: Wakenya wanaeza fanya uhame Kenya …but a word for Betty ..don’t take it personal if they don’t know u personally.
@BravinYuri: There is Only as much pressure as someone can actually contain.
Every human being has an elastic limit.
Betty Kyalo has had her own piece of drama and to the wall she has reached. I just hope she feels better.’
@Lari08994465: How many times have you guys ranted to your friends when drunk .
Sometimes life throws your way things you cant handle and you break .
Its called being human we are all mortal beings and not immune to pain.
@EstherPirena: I love @BettyMKyallo so much.
She’s been through lot’s of shit which she hides behind that beautiful smile,we fail to understand she’s human too,the pressure to be perfect.
Hope she gets help.
Check out the video that elicited the debate below

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