Diana Marua vs Betty Kyallo
Diana Marua vs Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo and Diana Marua seem to have similar tastes in fashion if their matching velvet maroon bodycon dresses are anything to go by.

Betty Kyallo in the dress

Betty wore the dress last Friday for her popular TV segment – Up Close – with Jalang’o, while Diana Marua wore hers late last month.

Diana Marua in the dress
Diana Marua in the dress

Social media users took to Instagram to comment after Diana posted a photo of herself wearing the dress from last month:

Winniec.kitur: You could not wait for Betty Kyallo to wash the dress? It’s ok, after you.

nimechokamaina: @Betty Kyallo @ diana izo clad ❤️🔥

karugipamela: Aki I love the dress… Sijui nikuje unikopeshe🙊🙊🙊🙊

tatyannahjulie: Alafu hii dress kidogo nidhani ni ya Diana Marua😆😆😆

faith_davido: Wewe na Betty Kyalo nani alicopy dress ya mwingine?

eunitorscholate: Betty Kyallo come for your dress.. Same colour, same design… Kwani celebs pia humix

matchliznyawiral: Haii nguo nimeiona na naniiii

mimi_ni_mkenya: Dresses are in the market to be worn by whoever can afford, hii tabia ya kusema who copied who is nonsense!!

mimi_ni_mkenya: @winniec.kitur she wore it since last month, Betty wore it three days ago, lol

waithera_wake: Umevaa nguo ya Betty Kyallo😕😕😕😕

Despite the mixed reactions, we here at Mpasho.co.ke believe that the two did the dress justice.

But there must always be a winner, no? So, between Betty and Diana, who wore it better?

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