Kanyari vs Betty Bayo

Gospel artiste Betty Bayo said years after divorcing her husband Victor Kanyari the two of them are still friends and are currently co-parenting.

Betty and Kanyari were married for years before the man of God was exposed for performing fake miracles leading to the couple’s divorce.

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho Betty said,

‘I have learned that marriage is not easy.

I learned to forgive, to let go and I would advise everyone in marriage to do the same.

Some people never passed through what I went through.

No one wants to marry someone who embarrasses you in front of the TV.

Kanyari vs Betty Bayo

Betty added,

But nowadays when people  fight over small issues they kill each other.

Kindly if a relationship is not working just let it go.’

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Betty added that she has never pushed Kanyari to provide for their kids.

‘I have never pushed my ex to cater to the kids.

I am so sad to watch every day on TV about people killing each other.

If I was emotional I would have ended it in a bad way but I decided to move on.

We communicate but only on matters kids.

On whether she is getting married in 2022, Betty said,

‘We shall cross that bridge when we get there.

When the time comes for me to do a wedding I will do something public.’

Watch the interview below.

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