NTV Kenya seems to have finally woken up after its fans demanded good content and is ready to give Citizen TV a run for their money.

The station has advertised new entertainment shows Dine with the Murayas (Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo) and another comedy show which will feature Njugush.

NTV Kenya

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Unlike the Size 8 one, Njugush received positive reviews, with many praising NTV for once.

Reactions include;

Edmond Gashao At least this.🎉🔥apo sasa ile ya sijui Dj Moo na Size whatever siezi watch🚮🚮🚮🚮,heri ni Masterbate the whole show ikianza,useless,sijui the Morayas 🚮🚮

Sandy Boo Now this is the real deal!! Mkiongezea tu Akothee tunafunga chapter ya kuwatch other shows

Snyder Andesh Better mletee hii..kuliko ingine hapo Haina mwelekeo eti Dj na size upuuuus!!!

Mike Coolie Much better than showing us celebs faking how they have a good life in their living room.

Fifi Njau Yeeees…….we need comedy

MIz M’press Abba Better than watching size 8 n DJ mo

Tracy Anyango Was almost giving away my Tv thank God now I have all the reasons to add another big screen and watch both at the same time

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Tuss Tuss Tussco Finally good idea hii mambo ya kucopy sijui “reality shows ya bahati na diana na size 8 na dj mo” sijui wanadai kuwa ka “keeping with kardashians” hata heri muonyeshe america pranks like “Just for Laugh Gags” inaweza kuwa better

Lawrence Muriuki Looks Like Kenyans don’t want to hear anything to do with the Surayas or Murayas.

Patrick  Mwangi Hapo sawa…. I had planned to count how many prints I have in my fingerprints but sasa I can postpone to watch Njugush.

Davido Victor This is AUTHENTIC not Plastic show like the Bahatis and the Murayas shows.

Odi Wa Beecentre Afadhali hii kuliko size 8

Lenny Lasty This is way much better.. I was to sit on my TV and watch my Sofa kaa iyo ingine ingeletwa😎

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