A distraught Kenyan man is in shock after his mother-in-law dropped the bomb on him claiming. She told him during an ugly argument that he is not the father of his five children.

This all happened when the city man and his wife got into a nasty fight. His wife packed her belongings and left.

Angered by this, the wife’s mother could no longer keep a secret and decided to let the cat out of the bag.

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To confirm his fears, the man opted for a DNA test of his five kids only for the results to turn negative.

He had no option but to end the relationship. He re-married and now has two ‘legit’ kids with his new wife.

Read his narration below.

My wife got five kids out of wedlock without my knowledge. all along I thought they were mine.

The last time we had an argument she packed her bags and went to her mother’s home.

The mother then called me and told me none of the kids were mine.

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The heartbroken man goes on to narrate how betrayed he felt given that he had been married to her for 10 years.

When we went for DNA the results all turned out negative,that none of the kids belonged to me. 

We have lived together for the last ten years. I finally decided to get married to someone else and so far we have two kids and both of them are mine according to DNA results we carried out.

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