Jeff Koinange
Jeff with his sisters and mother

Mother’s day is just a few days away but with the country fighting coronavirus pandemic, chances are that most people will not be able to celebrate.

This is because some counties are still under lockdown.

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This year it will be celebrated on 10th/05/2020, which is on Sunday.

Here are gifts you can buy your mum to celebrate her on mother’s day.


For those who are away from home, the easiest thing you can do is send your mum some cash so that she can go out and spoil herself.

Bake her cake

Since most businesses are still closed, you can choose to make your mum a cake to celebrate her on mother’s day.

Cook her something special

If you are lucky to be with your mum during this season, you can choose to make her lunch.

Buy all the ingredients and prepare her best meal, You can also order in incase the kitchen is not your stronghold.

Treat her to a massage

With all the tension going around a massage would come in handy. The good thing is that some parlors offer massage at the comfort of your home.

So you do not have to be worried about getting infected with coronavirus, just remember to sanitize, wear a mask, and keep a social distance.

Help her do house chores

If you are the type that waits for your mum to cook, and do everything else, help her out on this special day.

It can be laundry, washing utensils, mopping the house, weeding among other things.

You never know, one day can make a change on how she perceives you.

Buy her a book

If your mother loves reading, you can buy her a book she would enjoy reading But if she is like my mum who would rather die than reading don’t waste your cash.