Your child is arguably your most important asset in life. You make decisions around life going by what you want for your child, right?

It has been identified that the most important factor in a child’s development is to have at least one strong relationship with a caring adult. This adult can be parents, grandparents or other close relatives.

Unfortunately, many homes are quickly picking up an urban lifestyle. People are busy, very busy indeed. Parents leave too early to run errands and work up the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, their little ones are growing. From little tots to toddlers to children to men and women.

The attachment could easily be lost; gone with the wind. That is unless we do something quickly. Despite heavy technological advancements, we have not fully exploited these channels to make time to be with our children.

You see, care is an interactive process. Children cannot care for themselves. They need someone to show them. They need an adult hang around. Now we can use technology to make things better, by the way.

There is an interesting initiative where Geisha aims to get Africa’s mothers spend more meaningful time with their children, thereby helping them to prepare for life.

It is called the Stories For Life project. Through the Stories for Life six-part series of stories, mothers can read to their children easily. Get the Geisha Stories for Life free by downloading the set of stories from your phone from the site  or dialing *436*2#.