Isaac Mwaura’s wife Mukami is among the sober minds we have in the local showbiz industry.

In her latest post about peer pressure titled ‘Let Me Mind Other Peoples Business Abit. #PeerPressure Mrs. Mwaura warns Kenyans about the consequences of peer pressure. She advises people to stick to their lanes and not to do things just because others are doing them.

‘Stick to your lane and stop borrowing loans left, right and center!’ Shaffie Weru

“I used to imagine that Peer Pressure was a thing for teenagers but I was very wrong, I have even seen it among even Wazees of 70 years comparing and wondering why their sons can’t build flats like so and so’s sons.

Back to people of my age group, peer pressure has caused us so much harm than good, I know it’s not easy to stick to your lane at times but we can try. Ati coz so and so drives sijui which car, you must also get one like that if not better. Because so and so’s children live in some leafy suburb you must also move there, because their children go to God knows which school, you want yours to go there by hook or crook. My friend, you dont know what people do for a living, people have sold their souls for money, usipishane na ndovu kunya uapasuke msamba, before you know it, you have a huge car Loan and 80% of your net Income goes to rent, you can barely go through the month without incurring more and more debt and your siblings and villagers see your big car and imagine you have so much money but you are just mean, and then they hate you.

Of course I can’t leave out this category, ati since some guy you call a friend drinks until 5.00 am every other day, and has five mpango wa kandos, and looks so happy, you decide to also find a mpango wa kando to look lie a real ndume and walk home at 5.00 am yet you have no idea what arrangement the other guy has with his wife if he has one anyway, you end up destroying what was once a beautiful union and the MWK has cleared your savings, foolish you!!!. Because guys drink from Wednesday to Sunday, hata wewe with all the struggles waiting for you also wants to go buy rounds and look rich in some club in Westlands, and your children cant even have nyama.

Ati because the Ladies sijui of which chama go to Dubai for holiday after putting together so much money, you start putting your husband on pressure to get you cash to join them, then to let you go, yet you have no idea where these women get their cash. Sticking to lanes can help but again.”

Do you agree with her?

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