The mother to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, who is mother-in-law to Anerlisa Muigai, has shared the singer’s childhood memories.

Mama Ben Pol says that her son was humble and has never been disrespectful growing up. Ben, real name Benard Paul is the fourth born in a family of six.

‘He loved sports and music while growing up. He was just a normal child but education came first.’

‘growing up, I didn’t see anything too abnormal that I had to angrily beat him,’ she said.

The celebrity mother added that her son has always maintained good solid friendships with the right company.

‘Ben always keeps the good friendship, I’ve never seen him taking CIGARETTEs or doing anything unlawful’

‘He is respectful to both old and YOUNG. He was like that since he was a child.’

She added that her son was selective in the meals he liked.

‘He never liked Ugali but he loved beans.’

Mama Ben Pol is proud of the son she now has.

‘I saw my child had talent from way back but I didn’t have money to get him into the studio.

‘I am proud because I get everything I need now. He provides.lĺ’

It is evident that from the qualities Ben Pol has, Anerlisa definitely has a very responsible and well mannered husband material.

The couple looking good together