Anerlisa Muigai has a lot going for her. She is the wealthy heiress to the Keroche beer empire. She is also the CEO of Nero Water Company and also serves as an inspiration to many women that are struggling to lose weight.

Anerlisa Muigai

But one area of her life that might not be so stable for her is her love life. She has been linked with several love interests over the years with none of them standing the test of time. Or is there?

Anerlisa and Kungu

Ben Pol, the latest man that she has been linked with has come out to speak his mind about Anerlisa. In an interview with Times FM he revealed the depth of his feeling for Ms. Muigai stating:

We are very tight and of course there is a lot of stuff we have planned together. Some of the stuff is private I cannot share. I will not lie to you, she is hot and I love her. She has conquered my heart.

What about Anerlisa herself? In the recent past, she has described him as being like a brother to her, revealing that the Bongo singer stays at her home whenever he visits Kenya.

The two have even hosted several gigs together in different days and at different locations. The gigs were meant to promote Anerlisa’s Executive Still Water which is produced by her company.  So what gives? Is this a mutually shared love or is Ben Pol firmly in Anerlisa’s friend zone?

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