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Senior KTN news anchor Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has turned 27 years old.

The man who has always been romantic to his wife, Ben showered her with love on her special day, his message read:

Happy birthday Mulki, the mother of my babies and le wife extraordinaire..lakini mama, tu miaka tunasonga!!..penda wewe sana..@amina_mude.

Amina Mude

Kitili and his wife are expecting their second child months after they held their wedding. Amina, a Muslim, was savagely trolled for marrying a Christian by a section of Muslims, claiming it was unacceptable in their religion.

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 Amina’s followers joined her husband in wishing her a happy birthday and some of their messages include:

jaymie_goza Happy born day, may u leave to see many many many many many many many many many many many more… 🎂😊

gloria_kenduiywa Happy birthday Amina

jonseriojudy Happy birthday swthrt,to many more of God’s blessings @amina_mude

a_jeanine Happy birthday! Baraka tele!

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 mutheuangela Happy birthday girl

dianamukami Happy birthday dear

waithirambuthi Happy birthday yummy mummy🔥🔥