Rose Wanjiru

Ben Githae’s baby mama claims she did not wreck the gospel singer’s marriage. Rose Wanjiru said Githae told her he was divorced and they went on to date for five years. Rose was responding to Githae’s claims she became pregnant with his twins after a one night stand.

Rose said she was in a relationship with Githae for five years between 2011 and 2016.

Rose Wanjiru

I cheated on my wife and my mistress got twins – gospel singer Ben Githae

Last week, during an interview at Radio Jambo, the ‘Timiza’ hitmaker said he has been married for 18 years, and Rose was just a friend.

But during an interview with Radio Jambo, Rose said:

we met in Thika, at a club where he was performing and that is where our love journey began

However, their problems began in 2016, when Rose informed Ben that she was three months pregnant.

Rose alleges Githae told her to get an abortion, a claim he has refuted. She said, ‘In 2016, nilipomjulisha nabeba mimba yake ya miezi mitatu, aliniambia niavye mimba na nikakataa. Ainitumia watu wakanipiga na nikalazwa hospitalini kwa mwezi mmoja.’

This translates to:

When i told him i was expecting his babies in 2016, he told me to get an abortion, but i declined. he then sent some men to beat me up and i was hospitalised for a month.

Rose and her twins

Rose insisted she and Githae started going for coffee dates after he told her he was divorced. She said, ‘Uchungu wangu haswa unatokana na Ben kusema kuwa nilimharibia kwake. Yeye mwenyewe aliniambia kuwa ametengana na mkewe na sikufuatilia.’

This translates to:

What makes me bitter is the fact that ben has been going around saying i broke his home, yet he told me he had separated from his wife. i, however, did not follow up

Rose, however, admitted Ben supports his children financially. She said, ‘Hata wiki tatu hazijapita, tulikutana kwa hoteli mimi, yeye na watoto. Anatoa pesa ya matumizi kila mwezi.’

Which translates to:

three weeks ago, we met at a hotel with the kids in tow. he provides for his children’s monthly upkeep.

Rose went on to say she sees nothing wrong with being a mistress. She said, ‘Mipango sio mbaya ila mwanaume akileta ujinga unajitokeza.’

This translates to:

there’s nothing wrong with having a mistress, but if a man starts being stupid, you should expose him. 

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