Gospel artiste Ben Githae has said he is not running away from his wife this valentine despite him going to the 2020 Men’s Conference at Sarova Hotel.

The conference held courtesy of Citizen TV saw men from all walks of life attend among them Githae.

Speaking during the event he said,

‘I am not running away from my wife, I am ready to face her and explain to her, but for today she is aware I am at the #MensConference2020.’

For those who might not know Githae was in late 2018 involved in baby mama drama after impregnating a woman and failing to support the twins sired from the relationship.

Dear KOT, here is Itumbi’s response to Jowie ruining his Valentine

This led to Githae and his first wife falling out something that saw him badly castigated by the public.

This shows why Kenyans are upset with his attendance at the Men’s Conference.

Below are some of the reactions.

Stephen Ndesh Nj: Unless this guy asks for forgiveness through writing to us men through our chairman His highness one and only Mzee Kibor… Zile upuzi zake za nyimbo zilitupeleka kubaya.

Rachael Ndinda Musango: Before he attended the conference let him fix the problem with baby mama no way u can’t help your kids u deny them n UA in a conference wat for.

I got respect for all responsible men who take care of their kids may their financial break be expanded always.

Sonnihgal Sonny: Ben Githae should be told to apologize for misleading us with the song tano tena. Real men apologize.

‘I can buy Jowie flower to send on valentines,’ offers Dennis Itumbi

Anna Wawoko: I am still trying to open my eyes widely. I think my hubby is here.

Shiko Mwas: Kwanza Githae shughulikia twins wa mpango wa kando wako, toa uweupe hapo, nkt.

Isinta T Matwetwe: Huyu afai kukua kwa men’s conference. Bibi afai kujua mahali uko Kila saa especially kama una attend this very important conference for men.

Abbyless Abigail Lovesey: Alafu kesho utaimba wimbo about all the notes you guys discussed, Githae will snitch everything through a song, I wish angekuwa tu usher kwa mlango.

Caleb Ochieng: And the plan worked, air the fake one🤣🤣🤣. Wale wako the real one sai tuko topic inaitwa “multitasking”. 


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