Ben Cyco has been consistently releasing great music and this time round he has featured the talented songbird Kambua in his new track titled ‘Anaona”.

Check out the new release below.


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The song’s melody is very catchy, and when paired with Kambua’s sweet vocals we get a timeless song that will remain fresh and relevant for years.

The colourful music video was mainly shot in the Nairobi CBD and we must give the director thumbs up for getting rarely seen beauty shots of our city on the sun.

The audio was produced by Yo Alex and the Video Directed By Steve Mugo of Ambition Media House.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Ben Cyco told Mpasho,

“The inspiration behind the song is to encourage someone who is almost giving up out there, the message for him or her is to stay on the grind; to keep pushing and giving their best in whatever they do because if you be faithful with what God has given you, HE will most definitely open doors for you.”


“Most of the time we feel like God is not listening or He is not watching our moves, but He is, He is always there and watches each and every one of our moves. So it’s just a matter of time before he opens a door for you.”

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Asked why he opted to feature Kambua in the collaboration, Ben Cyco explained,

“I chose Kambua for this song because of what she stands for and who she is as a person. Kambua is a musician I respect so much because she gives so much hope to our generation and also for the role she has played in the gospel industry in Kenya.”

He continued,

“I can confidently say she is a veteran who has remained rooted and consistent with preaching the gospel through her songs. That’s the kind of impact I would like to have, so the collaboration was a learning process of how such songs are birthed, arranged, and produced.” 

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