The trio

With the war of words currently raging between Zari and Diamond; Diamond finally responding to Zari’s many allegations and even dropping some new information we hadn’t yet received, the question on everyone’s lips is who is saying the truth?

The couple in the past with their two kids

I am reminded of something my mother once told me, 4 people always know the truth in any given dispute: God, your opponent, you and satan. However, I also am free to form opinions on the matter and form them I have.

Some of the more explosive allegations can be found here:

Diamond claims Zari cheated on him with Peter of P-Square

Zari lied! Diamond reveals he pays 200,000/- child support

“Don’t trust niggaz who deny their children” Zari warns Tanasha

But now I want to hear what you believe. What you believe is true and what you think is a lie. I want you to let us know who you believe in this whole sordid affair. Has Zari been telling the truth the entire time or does Diamond’s account of events hold up? Do you even care?
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