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The beheaded body of a police officer — famously called the Lone Ranger for his anti-drugs operations — stance has been found in a forest in Lamu East.

The mutilation of Hesbon Okemwa Ananda was considered a warning from drug lords to police.

Police sources said his death could have been payback for his battle against drugs in the sub-county worst affected by narcotics at the Coast.

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Ananda, in his 20s, had been nicknamed The Lone Ranger due to his courage and skill in dealing with drug dealers — and the fact that he was the only officer

“The Lone Ranger would pursue cases some of us wouldn’t.

He would go on an operation alone and succeed. He was that good,” an officer said in confidence.

Anunda was reported missing on October 2. He had been attached to Tchundwah police station,

A multiagency operation led by county police commander Muchangi Kioi found the dismembered body inside a mangrove forest on Saturday at 6 pm following a tip-off from the public.

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The head and left hand of the officer had been chopped off while the rest of the body had deep panga cuts.

The officer’s G3 rifle, loaded with 60 rounds of ammunition, has not been recovered and police are searching for it.

County commissioner Irungu Macharia said the body was recovered about 100 meters from the Kizingitini-Mbwajumwali Road, about 400 meters into the forest.

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