Diana Marua
Diana Marua

After Vera Sidika came out flaunting her “melanin” look, fans have also pointed out to Diana Marua that she needs to stop putting too much makeup on.

And instead, show off her chocolate hue.

Hawk-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice the difference in Diana’s skin complexion after she posted a TBT image.

In the comments sections, many of her fans criticized her for lightening her light skin by either using filters or a foundation that is very light.

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Here are some of the comments.

selinanjoroge: You are right she was dark and now she is light skin. Ukweli usemwe.

dj_patiz_kenya: Pesa ni tamu. You were dark, saa hii wee ni minji minjiiii.

annetelydia: You resemble Governor Mutua’s wife? Lilian Nganga?

misoi3610: Is the first lady of Machakos your elder sister?

angie_belle_: Simplicity and elegance🔥🔥..too much make up isn’t for you.

chaozainab93: Wow ulikua unakaa fiti Dee… Wachana na too much makeup you look good na slight makeup.

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Here are some TBT photos showcasing Diana’s chocolate skin tone.