Trina Mungai and Ivlyn Mutua

Singers Trina Mungai and Ivlyn Mutua, both signed under Taurus Musik, have turned into rivals.This has been caused by the fact that Trina has only three singles to show for her time at the record label, unlike Ivlyn Mutua, who has an entire  Christmas Album. Mutua was just recently signed.

Earlier this year, Trina Mungai set the bar high with her club banger ‘Shika’ featuring Mayonde. However, her silence throughout the year has been very loud.

“Most artistes are unable to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, the reason being they don’t take time to understand themselves and soul search,” Trina said.

Trina Mungai
Trina Mungai

She has, however, been spotted with producers Chris Adwar, Vicky Pon Dis and Ilogos.

Ivly, on the other hand, recently made her transition from the gospel industry to the secular world. She has been working with Atemi, Mordecai from H_art the band, Khaligraph Jones, Fena Gitu and Sage.

“Expect a number of big collaborations,” Ivlyn said in one of her interviews.

Nigerian artiste Yemi Alade recently revealed that Ivlyn translated her song ‘Poverty’ to the Swahili version.

“I thank her so much. I mean, who needs poverty? Everyone wants poverty to get out of their way,” she said 

Ivlyn Mutua
Ivlyn Mutua

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