I long for the good old days when my father used to read me stories as a small boy, He was a busy man who could leave home very early in the morning and come back at around 9pm. No one was able to put me to bed easily, said my mom. I used to wait for him just to listen to the stories.

Not a lot of parents were able to do this even to date. Most kids who’ve grown up being read stories remember some of them, however, it’s not so much the stories we remember, but the feeling of love and security that they gave us.

If parents understood the huge educational benefit and intense happiness brought about by reading stories to their children, they would read often and I believe the rate of illiteracy would reduce a great deal.

Did you know that besides the academic benefits, reading aloud to children helps them to cope during times of stress and tragedy? It exposes them to stories not usually found in conversation or TV and therefore sparks a life long love for reading. Check out Stories For Life by Geisha and get awesome educative and entertaining stories to read for your child today.

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