Nyashinski. photo credit: instagram/ realshinski

After a weekend of turn up, I am sure the ladies just want a good day filled with their favorite male artistes.

Worry not because SONGA has created a playlist for you of your McM this week and it is bomb kama kawaida!

  1. Bebi bebi – Nyashinski

2. Dinda – Naiboi

3. Neema Inatosha – Mr. Seed

4. Ching ching – Bahati

Enjoy the playlist and remember to download the SONGA up you just need to dial *812# on your Smartphone. You will instantly get a text back prompting you to click on a download link. The link redirects you to the Google Play Store.

Once you have it on your phone, you sign up by entering your biodata. There is a 14-day FREE trial for the app, so you have ample time to sample as much music as possible.