Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine and other Ugandan politicians campaigning for their candidate on Arua

Bobi Wine has gone through alot the last couple of days but he stands strong and continues to say he will not stop fighting for his country.

East Africans have ganged up to fight for his release to a point Kenyan artistes had a petition that was going round for people to sign his release. There was a point even Jaguar wanted to address the issue in parliament until he was told to only bring Kenyan issues up for debate in parliament.

Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine with Jose Chamneleone

Many artistes stood with him except Bebe Cool. He seems to have sided with Museveni and that made his fans very mad to a point they threw bottles on stage during his performance.

Well, his fans were mad after he said that Bobi Wine is faking his torture:


UNYAMA! Bobi Wine narrates how he was tortured by Museveni’s army

Bebe Cool
  1. Someone who walks with crutches uses one step at a time and not both legs.

you don’t begin with one, if you’re going to use two you move with tow and do not moeve hem at a go then brong thegs. its one then one. if you move with tiw, then the legs are strong enough to stand 

2. One who cannot walk would opt for lighter shoes and not one of the heaviest shoes men have, Timberland boots.

a man putting on the heaviest shoes in life that people who are not sick in their legs feel they can’t move with it

3.  Finally, he said that he has no cuts and bruises on his face at all.

it hurts to see the person that was so called tortuned has no single cuts or bruises on his face

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