Sherylne Anyango

Socialite Sherlyne Anyango who shot to fame after winning a twerking contest on Xtian Dela’s infamous Club Covid has built her parents a house in Siaya County.

Sherlyne was part of the women who joined Club Covid, showing their twerking skills live on-screen and earned money.

Anyango got Sh90,501 in one night and during the entire period she appeared on Club Covid she revealed she made Sh222,000.

Sherylne Anyango

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Well, the socialite shared photos of the house she built for her parents’ and said that she used the money she earned from Club Covid.

‘From my mouth to God’s ears. this was the toughest project I took this year for my parents and its completion is giving me some happiness that no man can understand It wasn’t easy but with God’s strength I managed and we going to make more moves like this #from grass to grace I wish I could show our last house but nitachoma 😂😂😂😂 I’m so proud of the woman I am 🙈🙈🙈 eeeeh it wasn’t easy at all. Majority of us focus on the deaths of our parents instead of honouring them while they’re still alive
na watu wangu wa kuchanga clubcovid ndio hii pesa zenu zengine hapa 🙈🙈🙈asanteni,’ she wrote.

Check out the photos

Sherylne Anyango

Sherylne Anyango

Sherylne Anyango

Her fans have praised her for building her parents a house and reactions include;

hottwerkerskenya Tulichanga Sana time ya Club Covid 😁😂. Nice move with the money 👍

a.nti.dote Now that’s what we call achievements

knockternal_george That is so lovely, any child especially a lady, who prioritises the parent, makes me happy and proud, go girl, go jaber, am happy for you.💪

herheart99 As jumalokole said…kua slayqueen unaejielewa…fanya ujinga wote duniani lakini una kitu cha kuonyesha watu baadae lakini usiwe slayqueen mpumbavu unayesumbua watu na huna chochote…anyways this is awesome fr🙌

ogaobinna 🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍good girl

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abbieogot Umeweza sis, lakini hapo ume expose bissop wuon night🤣😂😂😂🙌, the joy on his tone🙌 priceless

kenmunene28 As long you built them a good house that what matters congrats

pkariz98 Now thats a damn good project bless you forever hata kama unatuumiza na bendover kibao na twerk zaa ajabu hapo freshi congrats 👏

rachaelmufwolovo ❤️ good job we should always put God first and remember our parents