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Beauty comes at a cost. And this is so for Tanzania female entertainers.

Tanzania’s minister of Finance and Planning Phillipo Mpango proposed new taxes for locally manufactured and imported wigs and hair extensions which are quite popular with female celebrities in Tanzania.

This move was received with much applause after it was tabled in the 2019-2020 budget in Parliament.

Media reports indicate that the legislators applauded with gee.

According to the finance minister, wigs manufactured locally will now pay 10 per cent tax whereas imported ones will attract 25 per cent tax.

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Already, the weaves and wigs that Tanzanian celebrities flaunt go for between 30,000 to even 70,000.

This increase in tax will see them pay, so much more for the same human hair extensions.


Another financial hit against the girl child was when the minister also reinstated Value added tax on sanitary towels because the exemption which was announced last year has not helped to reduce the prices

Instead, he said it was the business people who were reaping from the exemption.

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Check out the Tanzanian star who rock wigs with such finesse. None has protested thus far over the increase in ‘beauty’ taxes.

  1. Wema SepetuWema Sepetu
  2. Mama Dangote a.k.a Sandra Sanura

Mama Dangote

3. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobeto
Hamisa Mobeto

4. Jacqueline Wolper

jacqueline wolper

5. Vanessa Mdee

6. Nandy

willy Paul nandy

7. Jokate Mwegelo

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