Njambi Actress

The Real House Helps of Kawangware is without doubt one of the best local TV productions ever made. The series portrays the life of a typical Kenyan house help and the talent on the show is simply commendable. Real House Helps features a group of young men and women, with Awiti, Njugush, Njambi and Siprosa being the main characters. It is said to be one of the most watched, or rather talked about, shows on Kenyan TV.

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Well, today we focus on Njeri Gachomba popularly known as Njambi on The Real House Helps Of Kawangwre. She is guaranteed to leave you in stitches whenever she graces the screen. She is talented, humble and down to earth. Njambi has been branded the beauty queen of TRHK by her fans and has been giving Team Mafisi sleepless nights.

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Well, Kenyan men, below are Njambi’s photos; you can thirst on them.