Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia

Women with big foreheads are said to be zeggsy AF.

For years now, a woman’s forehead game has been one of the common lines that have been used to describe them.

It has also been associated with specific kinds of ladies, the super stunning hot looking ones. Like Rihanna.

Kenyan celebrities have also not gone unnoticed. Here’s a list of Kenyan celebrities with the biggest foreheads.

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  1. Avril.

While the forehead phenomenon may be active now, Avril’s photos from way back prove the allegations right. The singer has come out severally to defend herself as she has been accused of styling her hair on one side in fear of judgement towards her forehead.

Baby groooow, let that forehead show. It is a beautiful thing.

Singer, Avril

2.Vera Sidika

The renown Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has also been in the limelight for having a big forehead as far as the internet is concerned. Vera has however not replied to any trolls and had taken it positively and flaunts her forehead all over the internet.

After all, if you like it, flaunt it.

3. Sharon Mundia a.k.a This is Ess 

Popular YouTube content creator and talk show host of Living with Ess has been one of the queens owning the big forehead swag. She has however let her photos speak for her.


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4. Kate Actress

Kenyan Actress Catherine Kamau alias Kate Actress has also fallen victim of this accusations of having a big forehead. But does she care? Noooooo. She doesn’t see how she styles her forehead.

Celina and hubby. photo credit: instagram/kateactress

5. Pierra Makena

TV personality and popular spin mistress DJ Pierra Makena is also on the list of ladies with big foreheads as voted by KOT. Pierra loves to love her forehead. Check out how she flaunts it.

Pierra Makena

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