Diamond Platnumz Tanzania

Diamond Platnumz has released his mega-hit Baba Lao. It has elicited mixed reactions from fans seeking to know why he sampled another artiste’s beat.

Nigerian artiste Naira Marley released his song Soapy in August this year which sounds similar to Diamond’s song which was released a few days ago.

Diamond has credited his producers S2Kizzy and Lizer in the audio, however, S2Kizzy cleared the air saying that Diamond and Naira had communicated prior to the release of Baba Lao.

“We started making the song a long time ago when we went to Madagascar. We wanted an African beat, then Naira Marley’s song started playing at a certain TV channel. We liked the vibe. We were inspired by his beat and put our own vibe.” He told Wasafi Media

Diamond Pltanumz

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This has rubbished claims from fans that Diamond stole the beat.

“Diamond can not just release a song, he is a big artist and you’d be surprised to see Naira Marley on the remix. There is a lot of things that went into the song. We just didn’t take his beat and released it.”

Check out the two songs;

Naira Marley’s Soapy;