Besides his utter flamboyance and lack of ‘chills’ in his talking, flashy Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is also known for his philanthropic and caring nature. He has numerous times hit the headlines after helping people in difficult situations.

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Sonko went a mile further to set up the now infamous Sonko Rescue Team, which offers various humanitarian services to residents on Nairobi County and beyond. Due to his kindness, he’s been hailed by many as a true leader who cares for the masses.

However, some unscrupulous elements have been using the senator’s philanthropy to fleece people of their money. This vice has been thriving with help of social media, where conmen set up fake social media accounts pretending to be the Nairobi senator, with a primary aim of conning people of their money.

Senator Sonko, via his Facebook page, has warned people to beware of the cons pretending to be him, demanding money from them for non-existent goods and services.

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“There are some conmen who are using my name to con people money cheating them to pay certain amount as fees for log book and transfer for a motorbike to be delivered. Kindly be very careful before you become the next victim as I do not offer any motorbikes to the public. We have arrested and charged them in court but when released on bond wanaendelea kucon watu. My official Facebook page has over 919,475 fans and is verified with a blue tick by FB.I will be posting this warning message oftenly. Have a good day.” -Sonko

He accompanied his post with the following screenshot of the fake ‘Hon Mike Sonko’, the conman;