Pastor Godfrey Migwi

Controversial pastor Godfrey Migwi is against Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The House of Hope founder has lashed out at BBI supporter’s saying it’s to benefit the rich and not common Kenyans.

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There have been several BBI rallies across the country and on Saturday, supporters of the initiative took their campaigns to Narok and in Garissa county on Sunday.

Speaking at the Full Gospel Gatunduri Church in Embu, DP William Ruto said that BBI was promoting tribalism.

If this story we are being told about ‘Nobody Can Stop Reggae’ is what we are seeing; the ethnicity that is being preached in BBI rallies and the ethnic profiling of communities, and the hate and campaign of one community against the other. If that is the Reggae they are talking about, my friend Reggae shall stop. We shall stop it,’ he said.

Pastor Migwi has seconded his remarks and in post he shared on social media, he wrote,

The church and Kenyans of goodwill must unite and arise using all means against this nonsense called BBI created by Uhuru and Raila. It’s not good for common mwananchi , it’s only for the big fish and the rich families that’s why politicians can utter words against some communities without fear, ethnicity is on rise in this nation and if the government will not stop this act Kenyans will start butchering one another in the name of BBI.

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He further questioned how the money for old people and disabled is being used, calling upon Kenyans to boycott the BBI narrative.

First we want to know where is the money for disabled ?
Second where is the money for elderly ,I have talked to so many and they don’t receive their monthly token,
We must say no to BBI , it was not meant for uniting Kenyans , we must by force and wisdom stop the so called confusing reggae
You may silence us , assassinate us , close your company doors and your media houses for us not to get in , but one thing you need to know you cowards , we live by faith not by sight, whatever we have it’s by God grace, tumetoka mbali and we are going far still we expect more from heaven , tuturagio ni Ngai ,tumepitishiwa kwa Moto my friend,for me I will never sugarcoat words to favor you, without fear I will face you ,without fear I will say it as it is, who said it’s only 3 families can lead this country, kwani wale wengine hawakuzaliwa na wamama kama nyinyi . We all belong to Kenya
Waiguru and Sabina chege remember you own kikuyu community apology for yesterday’s meeting in Narok if not you will remember this post one day
Mkipanda tuna panda juu
Mukisoma tunasoma
Mkiongea tunaongea
We will die once, ndirerirwo nimuranjethaga bado mwafanya upererezi mikimaliza mnikujie, called to serve in and out of season.

A section of MPs from Jubilee’s TangaTanga are not supporting BBI as well.

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