MCA Tricky

MCA Tricky is among the most celebrated stand-up comedians in town. Tricky has had a fast rising career since he made his debut in the laugh industry almost a year ago.

What many people wonder about this beloved Churchill Shows comedian is whether he was a street kid or nah, but what we can confirm is that he has a heart… A heart of gold.

MCA Tricky

No Situation Is Permanent! Photos Of Churchill Show Comedian MCA Tricky Which Prove That Indeed God’s Time Is The Best

From what social media tell us, it is evident that MCA Tricky has been helping out kids in the streets, those that he can recognize and identify with.

In a recent post, Tricky was seen in a children’s home in Kisumu during a Churchill Live recording in the area, evident that he had gone to give a helping hand.

Check out the photos;

Mca Tricky 1

From what the below picture tells us, it seems like he also visited the street families, what a heart!

mca tricky