Betty Bayo loves her children very much. The gospel singer was once married to controversial pastor Kanyari.

The two co parent in raising their children together.

In a recent interview highlighted by, Betty said she is too beautiful to be single and thus, she is dating.

“Yes I am. And I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single.”

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Yummy mummy Betty Bayo

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There is nothing like a mother’s love. Betty Bayo lavishes her two children with soooo much love.

She wrote, “When i look back kuria nyumite haria ndi (where I have come from and where I’m at now) all the challenges ups and down and how God has been faithful kwaza hii mwaka Wacha mungu aitwe MUNGU.”

Betty Bayo is experiencing and enjoying God’s favour and blessings. She recently bought her first born child, a daughter named Sky, a car.

Sky Bayo
Betty’s daughter Sky Bayo

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Sky said, “Hey, this is my brother, this is my car. [My brother] likes screaming a lot.

She also fired a warning shot at her mum.

“Please don’t ever, ever, ever take pictures when we are going to church.”

Check out the sweet ride in the video below…

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