Rapper Barak Jacuzzi and his ex, Kairetu, addressed their very public altercation at the backstage of Konshen’s concert at Ngong Racecourse.

Kairetu was filmed calling out Barak for ignoring her and having her thrown out of the backstage.

Barak Jacuzzi explained, “She started acting crazy. I don’t know. I went backstage to get away from her. She followed me. I told bouncers, ‘I don’t know her, don’t let her in’. Obviously I know her. But when I said that she went even crazier.”

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Barak JacuzziKairetu interjected saying that she was triggered when she saw Barak flirting with a girl at the concert.

“I’m still jealous. I walked up to him and shoved him. He was like, ‘Yo! WTF, you did not even come up to me to have a conversation’. After that I went a bit crazy when he went backstage and told the bouncers, ‘I don’t know that b*tch. Don’t let her in.’ That is when I went mad, mad, mad.”

Barak added, “You went backstage and started wilding out on me so I tried to throw you out myself and then you started screaming, then you started biting me.

“It was self-defence,” Kairetu said.

Asked if they would get back together, Kairetu said, “First of all his pullout game is shit.”

Defending himself, Barak said, “You were not saying that when I was in there”

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Asked if Kairetu indeed aborted three times, Barak said, ” It definitely wasn’t three abortions. She was lying. she is extra dramatic.”

Kairetu added, “I was being extra dramatic. They are two.”

Barak then clarified that “I did not make her abort. It was a decision that we both chose.”


Finally, Barak asked Kairetu if she would like “to say something nice to me? I do hope you find someone that treats you right and doesn’t have infidelities.”

She shot back, “Yeah. Pull out.”

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