Ask me to show you a Kenyan celebrity who has succeeded against all odds and I’ll show you Victor Ochieng, best known as Vicmass Luodollar. His story is moving to say the least.

Not known to many is that the 26-year-old rapper – who became immensely popular after releasing Bank Otuch (remix) featuring Octopizzo – was once a street urchin.

After losing his father at the tender age of six, Vicmass was introduced to Kisumu’s street life and had to brave the cold nights. At times, he was forced to sleep hungry if he couldn’t find something to eat in the dustbins.

However, his mother rescued him from this harsh life after two years and he got enrolled in school but later dropped out in Form One due to lack of fees.

This time around he opted to become a hawker in Emali and used the proceeds to take care of his siblings and record his first single.

Today, however, Vicmass’ life has changed for the better and he is one of the most sought after musicians in Kenya. Feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong.

Unlike before, he can now afford a decent meal in any of the 5-star hotels in Nairobi and buy some of the good things life has to offer, clothes, shoes, even a posh car!

He posted some photos standing next to some car a few days ago and his fans couldn’t help but speculate whether it was his. Over to you Vicmass!

Anyway, here are the photos:

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