Legendary artiste Bamzigi, real name Harrison Munio, has made a comeback into the music industry with the song ‘Bam Bam Killa’, featuring Amota DKing, a Nigerian afrobeat sensation.

Before releasing this dancehall pop fusion, Bamzigi had taken a break from the music industry, which was largely caused by his drug addiction.

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The singer narrated to Life and Style in 2017 that, “My history with drugs started at a very young age, when I was about 15 years. Marijuana, they call it a gateway drug, and at that time, I didn’t know. I tried cocaine, ecstasy. I tried heroin once and I didn’t like it,” he said. 

“I remember I was fighting with my girlfriend at one time and I needed that kind of depressant feeling, and that’s how it all started. Everything was going well until drugs start taking over your life slowly by slowly. The worst thing happened. I started mixing drugs together. I used to use heroin and cocaine at the same time. “

Adding, “I knew that I was hooked but I was in denial. I needed to get help. I tried to do it myself, I didn’t want anyone to know. The thing is, you cannot do it by yourself. When I admitted it to my family, they were in shock.”

Before he made headlines with his longtime hit song ‘The Bounce’, his music career began while freestyling in clubs and making mixtapes with DJs from his hood.

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Bamzigi has now fully recovered and is signed under Nigeria’s Dima Empire.

Check out his new song;