Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko Mbuvi does not play around when it comes to living the high life.

In a recently released updated video, the Nairobi governor is spotted buying his wife a reported Ksh. 4.3 million gold and diamond studded chain while in Dubai.

Mike Sonko
The governor of Nairobi wearing his expensive articles of clothing

The video is below:

Mike Sonko buys wife a Sh4.3M chain in Dubai, pays in cash.

Posted by Mpasho News on Friday, April 26, 2019

We have already written copious times about how the politician has expensive tastes, especially his love for Versace, the luxury and legendary Italian brand.

Versace bonoko? Mike Sonko and his eye-catching golden lapel pin

Since the governor seems to have gaudy tastes, we have decided to guess what music the governor listens to.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko dancing

The songs are below:

  1. The song ‘Versace‘ by Migos established them as a big thing in the hip hop scene. This is a song the governor would most likely approve of.

2. ‘All my guys are ballers’ is a song Sonko might identify with, a song based on an immensely popular meme. Just picture Sonko bumping to this as he buys his lavish items?

3. Aka’s song is a club favourite in some city clubs in Nairobi. The song would do well with a verse like ‘Sonko in Versace’, instead of ‘Fela in Versace’. I think the good governor deserves his own line at the very least.

4. Bruno Mars’ song ‘Versace on the Floor’ might be a love song but I don’t think that Mr. Mbuvi would care about that fact. As long as the word Versace is in the song, I think the politician would bump to it.

Do you agree with these recommendations?

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