Bahati's new song Nyota

Gospel singer Bahati alias Mtoto wa Mama has joined the likes of Willy Paul (according to his fans) who apparently preach water but drink wine.

singer Bahati

These two are among the most criticized gospel artists in Kenya because their fans believe they fail to practice what they preach.

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Yesterday, Bahati released his new song termed ‘Nyota‘ which has him singing about being in debt to Jesus who died on the cross for him.

Bahati alias mtoto wa mama

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However, some of his fans came out to say that they don’t really understand why he had to involve a hot video vixen in the song. The act has left many of them wondering whether the song was meant to glorify the hot vixen or God.

EMB CEO Bahati

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The new song which was shot in South Africa has failed to impress many of his fans despite the quality of its video.
Some of his fans criticized Bahati on his Instagram page saying:

The location of the video doesn’t matter, I’m interested in the message bro

The fans continued trolling him on his Instagram page. Here are some of the comments:

rhondandusya: I don’t understand… nyota ni nani?

shikoquincy: wewe hauoni mbinguni! Uko tetema kama umepigwa shot na huku nikusifu mungu pekee.

samsonmurimi: Baha lakini young gospel artists acheni kwenda mkitoka kwa maandiko sana,mnajaribu kubadilisha gospel inakaa secular like.stick to one side,review songs za hapo mwanzo na saa hii.

kaninimartin: You are now 2nd trending Secular artist Right now,, willy Paul makes the 1st…. Gospel aachia wenyewe, Hakuna vile unaeza sema mungu ni Nyota na umeshoot Video na Dame, aint a hater but hii nayo sio Gospel….. Mapenzi imewaeza kweli vijana.