Bahati in court

Producer Paulo has revealed that Bahati owes him money from the numerous music projects he did at EMB from inception to date.

This comes after EMB shut it’s doors due to hard financial times exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Producer Paulo has pointed out that Bahati needs to pay him or he will go out and spill some beans about him and the company.

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In a strongly worded Instagram post, Producer Paulo wrote,

“My name is Paul…. well known as Producer Paulo, I was working as the in-house producer at EMB records for quite a long time.


“We all know Bahati for his flamboyant behavior of seeking attention through sympathy from Kenyan fans. There are a lot of things that happened at the record label behind the scenes which i will not talk about for now.”

The explosive post went on to reveal.

“My main focus is the music production department at the stable. I produced several songs at EMB and never gotten a coin from it. I put my sweat, talent and ideas in producing most of the songs at EMB without any reward, the most i received was transport back home which sometimes i dug deep into my own pocket.”

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Producer Paulo explained that,

“I have tried several attempts to reach @bahatikenya so to have a dialogue with him but he has been adamant not to give me an ear or return my calls and as i speak he blocked my number.”

He continued,

“I want him to PAY me the amount he owes me or bring down from YouTube all the songs i produced that has been lucrative to him.
All these shenanigans that he’s parading on YouTube is tedious. Demanding 2 million from a young boy i.e Peter Blessing trying to make him look bad doesn’t make sense.”

Paulo concluded,

“Take Down all the videos on YouTube (if) you wanted peace with me I’ll give you peace after you pay me.”

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