Bahati vs Alex Mathenge

Comedian and content creator Alex Mathenge is among the many Kenyans who has been unfortunate to be put behind bars because of Bahati.

The witty comedian, who was in radio for sometime, had created a rapport with several artistes and commented on the Bahati and Peter Blessing drama.

In an interview with Mpasho he said

I felt bad after seeing photos of Peter Blessing in handcuff although I don’t know him personally.


That is not the first time Bahati has done that [getting someone arrested].. Alianza kitambo.

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In 2011 after his Mama hit singer, Mathenge said he advised Bahati to ‘invest’ in online platforms so as to grow his brand. He opened for him a Facebook page, just to help him gain popularity.

I told him to concentrate on his Instagram account as I handled his Facebook. I always put up posts and people used to think it was him who posted.

At one point, Bahati faked his disappearance and was nowhere to be seen.

he dissapeared [I had no idea he was an attention seeker] and for like a week, the page was dormant. AT that time the hot topic was a KDF story, where soldiers had been killed in Somalia. I decided to put up a post ‘we stand with our soldiers’ because I couldn’t reach him on phone,’ he said.


Immediately I put up the post, he called me. “Mbona unachoma budah? Unajua nimedisappear. So unajua unachoma hio kiki.

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The Mama hit singer went to Mathenge’s house with cops to arrest him.

He came with three Subarus full of policemen just because of a Facebook post. “We’ve been told you posted photos of dead soldiers on his Facebook,” one of the police officers told me.

He explained,

I told them I didn’t and was taken to Kasarani police station. After the police officers searched the page they didn’t find the photos. Bahati had already deleted the post.

He added that he was advised to press charges because the father of three had ‘spoilt my name’ and ‘wasted my time’ or alternatively forgive or he apologise to him.

…nikasema siwezi peleka mtu kortini someone i used to help, give food. I handed over the page to him and told him not to give me any money. So when it keeps coming back years later, it bothers me because I was like his confidant.

The comedian concluded saying,

I’M No longer surprised when I see him take artistes and producers to court.

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