Bahati and Diana

Last week’s Bahati RTeality received heavy criticism last week as usual.

Many pointed out that the show is scripted and acted too much hence losing the meaning of a reality show.


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In last week’s episode, the heavily pregnant Diana praised her houseboy for doing a great job and who knows, she might give him a permanent job soon.

A houseboy was This (hiring a house boy) was the best decision made ever,’ she said.

Bahati, who was woken up by the houseboy cleaning the windows walked to the dining room to Diana who was waiting to have breakfast with him.

The couple in Dubai

But when he was told it was the houseboy who prepared it, he refused to take and left the house.

He told the man to leave his house as soon as he could.

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The house boy then followed the singer to his car and told him to tell Diana to give him some of his clothes to wear.

But instead, the man walked directly to the couple’s bedroom took a pair of shoes and a jacket belonging to the singer and wore them.

He then went to the living room and played one of Bahati’s song’s as he sang along to it.

The music was loud and Diana went to check who was in the living room.

Hii kelele yote jameni. Babe hujaenda?’ said Diana.

The houseboy rocks a hairstyle similar to Bahati’s and Diana confused him for her husband.

Diana was shocked.

‘i’M LISTENING TO MUSIC BEcause i’m an artiste as well. I’m waiting for your collabo.

The annoyed Diana walked away and threatened to fire him if he didn’t change.

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