Bahati Reality is back!

the show has been revamped and well thought out. Pundits claim it is better than the previous seasons.

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The show started out with Diana saying;

My hubby [Bahati] has gone to perform today and he told me he has a surprise for me tonight.

After performing, Bahati, whose real name is Kevin Kioko headed to celebrity stylist Eric One Wash’s salon in town to have his hair fixed.

After arriving at the salon, the Mama hit singer greeted the stylist and they had a small chat before embarking on the core business.

But before the salonist started fixing his hair, an uncertain Bahati said;

Tunashtua bibi ama ni mafans. Sijui kama atakubali hii maneno.

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Eric asks him ‘Alikupendea mapenzi ama nywele?

Bahati responds;

Nywele alinipata nao. kama agenipata na kipara ingekuwa story tofauti.

He went ahead to say it was not his idea to have a look that incorporated dreadlocks but the celebrity stylist’s.

Dear Kenyans, it’s not my idea to have this look, it is from Eric One wash. Unaonaje? Nitakaa aje? Sijazoea.

Eric responded;

Utakaa poa [The style will suit you].

After three hours, he was done and left for home. He said as he neared the door to his house.

Acha nikaone bibi anasema nini.

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When he got to the house, Diana, who was waiting for a ‘surprise’ was shocked to see him with a new hairstyle; dreadlocks.

Her first reaction was ‘Ghaii!’.


The mother of one couldn’t believe her eyes.

Oh my goodness. Ebu niangalie mbele. Eehee! Mako mako mako! [laughing].


Wasee, mimi hata sina words. I don’t like them and I told you.


Bahati responded;

Babe, I just think you’re jealous. My DM is full of girls saying ‘I look like the gospel’s Jason Derulo.

Diana quickly replied to him saying;

You did it for them [girls].

The singer wants to know what his fans think

The gospel artiste met with Bongo Flava star Rayvanny, who was in the country a few weeks ago. Bahati asked his opinion on his new hairstyle.

Rayvanny said;

nimezipenda sana hizi. Amezipenda mke wako? [I like the hairstyle but does your wife [Diana] like it?

The father of two responded with a hard and final, ‘NO’.

Rayvanny advised him to shave them off, if his better half doesn’t like them.

Kama mke wako hajapenda toa.

Diana who isn’t feeling the hairstyle tells him;

Nataka unyoe hizi vitu.