Yvette Obura, who is singer Bahati’s baby mama left tongues wanging when she got a tattoo written Mueni Bahati on her chest.

Mueni is Bahati and Yvette’s daughter, however, the debate was whether Yvette was right to add Bahati on the tattoo considering that he already has a wife.

Yvette Obura ‘I asked God not to wake me up the next morning’

When asked about Diana’s reaction after Yvette unveiled the tattoo, Bahati told Sameer Bry that;

I tried the reaction at some point because it’s a reality hutaki kuanza kucontrol because kila mtu ako na mafans wake. I think on such an issue I ignored the reaction. Nilicheza chini.

He went ahead to say that he and Yvette are co-parenting well.

Yeah, about the child. It’s very important to co-parent.

Bahati and Yvette