The singer posing

Bahati attended the Malaika Awards for people with disabilities. The award show was started by fellow gospel artist Daddy Owen and has been running for several years.

The Malaika Awards show card
The Malaika Awards show card

While there, he spoke to exclusively about some wide-ranging topics. The first concerned his stance about not responding to the many allegations that have bedeviled him this year. He said:

The reason I have not responded is because when you are called by God, unajua mimi ninakuwanga na kiherehere sana. When you are called by God, lazima ungojee ile wakati anakuambia go, ama akupe right words.

The singer posing

He even quoted the book of James, adding:

Be slow to speak, quick to listen and slow to anger. That is why i don’t get angry quickly.

Bahati also praised for making him famous and pointed out that his Instagram fanbase was still growing. He also revealed that his song “sorry’ was done in order to help DK Kwenye Beat, saying:

I helped Dk apologise, he is my brother. He has been through a lot. That is his calling, music. 

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat posing

The singer explained that DK had helped him when he needed someone to do a collabo with David Wonder as Bahati himself was unable. He added:

He came through for me when I needed him, so I told him “bro lets do this song”.

What do the Malaika Awards mean to him?

It is a very special thing for me. I had to come and support Daddy Owen in this project. 

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen. photo credit: Instagram/Daddy Owen

The lesson that he takes from the project is that one should help people regardless of who they are or what people will say.

The “mama” singer also revealed that the government had verified Bahati Kenya as a foundation. The former orphan explained that he is now allowed to help people in all dimensions.

Bahati with his family
L-R: Bahati, hs grandfather and wife Diana Marua carrying their baby Heaven

He said that he was touched that the government had recognised the work he has been doing and that he will now support more people.

He also added that he would be mobilising his fans to come to help him with his foundation.

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