Gospel artiste MasterPiece has revealed how fellow artiste Bahati refused to fully pay for interior design services for his news house.

The services were offered by Mash Mwana who is also an artiste and an interior designer.

The failed payment was just the beginning of their troubles after Bahati had them blocked from an event in Thika in December 2018.

Speaking to Mpasho, MasterPiece explained,

‘On the day of the show cancellation I was with my cousin Mash Mwana, he does interior designs.

Bahati refused to finish paying him after designing their house.

Mash decided to just let him be.’

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Mash Mwana and MasterPiece

Asked on why so many people have come to complain about Bahati, MasterPiece said,

‘I don’t think everyone can be wrong about him. You can also see how he treated Peter Blessing, what he did is not nice.’

Mpasho reached out to Mash Mwana and he confirmed the allegations.

‘I decided to leave that issue behind, In Nairobi, you have to move on with your life. It was him and the company.

The deal did not go as expected but I do not have an issue with him.

There was a consultation fee that was to be paid but he did not complete the payment.

He really wronged me, at some point he also cancelled a show I was to perform at alongside MasterPiece.’

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Further adding,

‘You cannot disrespect someone by making them feel useless, you must remember where you came from.

Support them and show them that they are going somewhere. He is not real, he is just an actor.

There were people who was at the top but now he is no longer heard of so let him be humble.

Having money is not the end of the world there are people with money out here and they are quiet. Even Michael Jackson was there na alikufa.’

Adding, ‘He should realize that there is something wrong, there is no way everybody can be talking about him.’

On being asked whether he has communicated with Bahati since the cancellation of their event, MasterPiece said no he hasn’t.

‘After him canceling my show I expected him to call and say sorry but his pride did not let him do so. After that, we have never met.’

When called for comment, Bahati disconnected the call saying, “You only call me when there is a scandal.”

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