Jaguar on Bahati Reality

Bahati visited Starehe member of Parliament Charles Njangua Kanyi aka Jaguar’s residence, where he met P-Unit’s Gabu.

Ukiona unanitafuta uko na shida. [Anytime you look for me I know you have a problem,’ Jaguar told Bahati as he welcomed him to his house.

The Mama hitmaker was convinced by visiting Jaguar, his wife Diana would forgive him. The show was filmed before Jaguar’s arrest over xenophobic remarks.

Niko na pressure mheshimiwa. Bibi ni shida. P.A. anaendanga kuambia bibi ananionanga huko nje na madem. [I have pressure honorable member. My wife is a problem. My P.A., Emmah told her I cheat on her with other women.]

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The Kigeugeu hit singer interjected,

We Gabu huonangi kama huyu alioa mapema? [Gabu, don’t you think Bahati married when he was still young?]

Jaguar later called Diana trying to solve her problems with Bahati.

Mimi ni Jaguar sio bAHATI. i’VE BEBN YOUR friend for so many years.


The heavily pregnant mother responded,

Let me talk to you with respect because you’re an honorable member. He could have told me what happened.

‘I’m still young, I don’t want stress,’ Bahati tells Diana

Jaguar defended Bahati, saying

Lakini Diana, hata mimi ni msanii. Msichana anaeza kufuata but it matters how you behave. And it’s not only artitses. Everyone has people who crush on them. It’s upon someone to make decisions if they want them or not. But Bahati is not a player. He’s a man of God, pastor. We can defend him on that.

Before Jaguar could even solve their issues, Diana hung up.

‘Diana amesema hataki ujinga yako,’ he told Bahati.

The gospel artiste was pissed that his wife couldn’t listen to the MP, he said,

Wives of nowadays, what’s wrong with you. If an honorable member tells you to do something, obey him. What’s wrong with you women?

The singer showered  the musician-cum-politician, who is currently in police custody with praises and he said,

He has been my friend since 2013 after I released my song Mama. He has been my biggest fan. He’s been supportive since day one. I even voted for him as the starehe MP.

Jaguar was arrested over alleged xenophobic remarks, inciting his constituents against foreign traders,

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