Bahati with baby mama

Bahati and his baby Mama Yvette Obura, the mother of his firstborn child Mueni are co-parenting.

Bahati Yvette Obura Mueni

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Yvette took to Instagram to ask her followers what their misconceptions are about her and the responses were mixed.

One follower posted,

Bahati gives very little support.

The mother of one responded saying she’s satisfied with what her baby daddy provides.

Little support in what way? He supports his kid kabisa no complains.

Yvette Obura

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Yvette is seeing someone else and when asked why she doesn’t post the lucky man, she said,

Bae hapendi tupicha. Ni mshamba flani tuu [He doesn’t like photos].

Yvette Obura

The singer is now married to Diana Marua and they are expecting their second child anytime from now.


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Other celebrities who are co-parenting include Pastor Burale, Dr Ofweneke, Jalang’o, Kanze Dena just to mention but a few.

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